- Reviews -

“Your hot sauce is very delicious. You’ve got something with this.”
-Caleb Potter

“Thank you sir!” “This is AMAZING with venison stir fry!” 

-Clint James

“BEST sauce I have ever purchased”
-Charles Ward

“This sauce is killer man, 10/10 would recommend"

-Drew Thomas

“This Roasted & Ghosted is amazing”

-Josh Peterson

"This hot sauce is THE BEST!! I love spice, but also want flavor, and this stuff delivers on both ends. I started with the Roasted and Ghosted, which delivers a delicious flavor as well as a great heat for all, and worked my way up to the Sweat and Regret which packs a more intense heat but delivers a more intense flavor as well. This brand, and all they have to offer, is definitely a great staple to keep stocked in the fridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner to elevate all your meals and show off to friends and family alike. WE LOVE H2OS’AUCE!!! Would recommend YES"

-Daniel Morrow

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