- Our Story -

The last hot sauce, you'll ever buy.

As far back as I can remember, even as a small child, I loved all things spicy.  As a kid in elementary school, I remember stealing my parents tiny bottles of Tabasco and taking them to school. I would eat it off my fingers and dare other kids to do it!


 About a decade ago when most of the country decided, "the spicier the better," I developed a passion for learning, testing, and pushing the limits on all of the hottest and most flavorful peppers in the world.  Just for fun I started making my own hot sauces, each hotter and more flavorful than the last. After several years of playing around in the kitchen, I nailed this Roasted & Ghosted recipe. 

My Family and Friends hounded me for 2 years to start making and bottling it for sale. I can only say, "no," so many times. Basically, my wife made me do it. Enjoy.

“Food is merely a platform, for hot sauce.” 

 -   Peter Marshall  -


* * *